Kanda Puranam in Pictures

by Adiyaron April 10, 2023
The Kanda Puranam told in a series of 38 murals painted on the walls of the Lower Praharam at Palani Malai Kovile

Gallery of 57 Moorthis of Lord Murugan

by Adiyaron April 10, 2023
57 wall painting from the lower Praharam depicting the moorthis (aspects) of Lord Palani Murugan

Sundara Valli and her sister Amirta Valli pray to their father Vishnu for the boon of marrying Lord Murugan

Avinankudi Gallery of Paintings

by Adiyaron January 1, 2022
Tiru Avinankudi Gallery of Paintings
In the 205th year of Kali Yuga, Bhogar appoints his student Pulippaani to perform the Śrī Dandaayudhapaani worship.

The Story of Bhogar Siddhar

by Adiyaron December 27, 2021
The story of Bhogar Siddhar as told in mural paintings at Śrī Dandāyudhapani Swāmi Devasthānam, Palani

57 Mūrtis of Lord Murugan

by Adiyaron December 21, 2021
57 Malai Kovil upper praharam paintings photographed in 2000 with permission of Śrī Dandayudhapani Swami Devasthanam