Sundara Valli and her sister Amirta Valli pray to their father Vishnu for the boon of marrying Lord Murugan

Avinankudi Gallery of Paintings

by Adiyaron January 1, 2022
Tiru Avinankudi Gallery of Paintings
Map of Palani Town with Devasthānam facilities

Map of Palani

by Adiyaron January 1, 2022
Map of Palani Town with Devasthānam facilities

பழனி கோவில்கள்

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Temples affiliated with Palani Dandayudhapani Swami Devasthanam
Kuzhundai Velayudha Swami

Tiru Avinankudi

by Adiyaron December 27, 2021
Kulandai Vēlāyudhaswāmi Tirukkovil This ancient and large temple at the foot of the hill is the third Padai-Vîdu celebrated in song, classics, legend and tradition since antiquity. The official name of the shrine is Kulandai Vēlālyudhaswāmi Temple; Tiru Avinankudi is the name of the place. A sacred tank is attached to the temple. Tiru Avinankudi […]

Thanga Vimānam, the Golden Dome atop Palani Malai mūlasthānam

Palani Temple Scenes

by Adiyaron December 21, 2021
Palani Malai Thanga Vimānam photos, Raja Gopuram & more photos taken with Devasthanam permission in 2000.

About Palani.org

by Adiyaron July 7, 2021
Palani.org, the original officially authorized web site of Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Devasthanam, Palani, is published and maintained as an offering to Lord Dandayudhapani Swami by devotees who, with the consent and approval of the Office of the Joint Commissioner / Executive Officer, Palani, do NOT accept any favors or donations. Help us to build and […]