Palani Murugan

Thaipusam at Palani

by Adiyaron November 16, 2022
The word Thai refers to the Tamil month and ‘Pusam’ refers to the star. According to popular belief, it was on the day of Thaipusam, Goddess Parvati presented Murugan the powerful Vel to vanquish evil forces and establish the principles of Dharma.

Palani, the Sacred Abode of Lord Murugan

by Adiyaron November 6, 2022
Palani Dandayudhapani is the Lord of abundant grace, the ultimate refuge for the people caught in the illusions of life. He is Kali Yuga Varada, He who liberates the people from the morass of ignorance and delusions.

Palani puja timings


by Adiyaron January 29, 2022
Puja timings and fees for pujas on festival days and ordinary days.
Thaipusam – Lord Murugan festival at Palani, where devotees pray, carry the kavadi and dance

Thaipusam – Lord Murugan festival at Palani

by Adiyaron January 18, 2022
Thaipusam – Lord Murugan festival at Palani, where devotees pray, carry the kavadi and dance.

Tai Pucam

பழனி மலை பாத யாத்திரை

by Adiyaron January 17, 2022
மக்கள் இந்த மலை மீதான ஆலயத்திற்கு சென்று இந்தப் பிறவியில் வளம் பெற்று வாழவும் அடுத்த பிறவியின் இரகசியங்களை அறிந்து கொள்ளவும் செல்கின்றனர்.
Tai Pucam

Thaipūsam festival and the Vēl

by V.S. Krishnanon January 17, 2022
At Palani people from all over India and abroad gather at Thaipūsam to glimpse Palani Āndavar and get his grace.

Palani Malai

Thai Pusam at Palani

by V.S. Krishnanon January 14, 2022
When Thai Pusam comes, the divine aura that pervades Palani atmosphere defies description.
Thai Pucam at Palani

Thai Pusam 2022

by Adiyaron December 27, 2021
Thai Pusam is a festival in which people enjoy themselves to the hilt in rich pageantry. Thai Pusam is on 18 January, 2022.