Palani Murugan

Agni Nakshatram

Agni Nakshatram is a 14-day period in May, the hottest part of the year. It is the season when devout persons go round the hill in the Giri Veedi as much out of faith as for reasons of health, in the early morning (1 am. to 10 a.m.) and evening (4 to 10 pm) in large numbers. Just now, the kadamba trees (Eugenia Racemosa), favourite flora of Muruga, are in full bloom all around the hill shedding their fragrance and conveying healing properties to all the walkers.
Palani Girivalam

At Kodumudi (Periyar District), ardent devotees by the thousands collect Cauvery water in scorching sun and bring it in kavadis for abhishekam of the deity and the sanctum sanctorum at the hill is a large pool of water! It is so cool that one forgets the summer-heat.

The water bearers are accompanied by artistes in a variety of folk-music and folkdance items. Their procession by itself is colorful and difficult to forget.

On the concluding day, the festival deity of the Periyanāyaki Temple marches to the Adivaram and there is a majestic procession round Giri Veedi.

During the last 7 days of Chitrai and the first 7 days of the following month(i.e.Vaikasi) the devotees of Lord Muruga go around the Hill by foot, early in the mornings. As per the Palani mythology, it is considered holy to worship the Hill temple from afar or from near or go around it. It is also called Girivalam. It is an age old practice.

In ancient days the siddhas, rishis, saints and other noble persons followed this practice. Girivalam gives mental peace, the medicinal herbs around the hillock cure many physical diseases. Nowadays people go around the temple by wearing kadamba flower.

To go round the hills on these days is very holy. It will be a grand sight to see thousands joining in this group.Some hundreds will carry Couvery water on their head from Kodumudi with music and devotional songs accompanying them. They will bathe Palani Āndavar with this water and woship him. Becoause Sivacharyas first came from Kodumudi, they have adopted this system.

On the last day, Muttukumarasami in Periyanayaki Amman Temple will distribute holy water in Ookkatti Mandapam at the foot of the hills. Then he will go round the hils and return to his temple.