Palani Murugan
Entrance to Bhogar Samadhi, Hill Temple
Entrance to Bhogar Samadhi, Palani Hill Temple. Click on the image to enter Bhogar Samadhi and view the life of Bhogar in pictures.

Bhogar Shrine at Palani

No pilgrim should fail to mark attendance at the shrine of Bhogar in the southwestern corridor of the temple. He it was who created the navabhashana image and consecrated the deity.

God is believed to have appeared to saints in certain forms. These are forms made to appear to them by His grace or rather they are outward symbols of His mercy as omnipresent, but assumes certain forms at certain times just as sea-water sometimes takes the form of an iceberg.

Bhogar is believed to have lived in the beginning of Kali Yuga, i.e. before 3,000 B.C. and traveled widely in the Near- and Far East. He is said to have been a rare mathematical prodigy, a diplomat of great calibre and an expert in the field of medicine.

Bhogar realised the importance of Muruga worship and conferred with siddhars on the form in which Muruga's image should be installed atop the hill. He created the amalgam of nine chemicals and did daily services.

Bhogar's body rests here. The image of Nava Dūrgā or Bhūvanesvari and the Maragadha (emerald) Siva Lingam worshipped by him are found here. An underground passage is said to link the sanctum sanctorum with the Bhogar shrine.

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