Palani Murugan
Siddha Munivar Bhogar created a clever mixture of nine poisonous metals, an amalgamation called nava pāsanam
Siddha Munivar Bhogar formulated a clever mixture of nine poisonous metals, an amalgamation called nava pāsanam or 'nine minerals'. The idol for the presiding deity was sculpted out of this nava pāsanam. The poisonous nature of all these metals was harnessed, hardened like granite, and converted into a beneficial amalgam with medicinal and curative properties.

Palani Moolavar: Its Medicinal Powers

Bhogar's abhisekam
Siddha Bhogar created the Moolavar expressly for performing abhishekams.

The constant performing of abhishekams has perhaps added cohesive strength to the image and in turn the medicinal qualities absorbed by the abhishekam materials, attributing to them miraculous curative properties.

The overnight sandal paste in particular is a wonder drug, a panacea for many incurable diseases. Not even the rationalist can say that the abhishekam is a waste. For every drop of it is consumed with profit and pleasure by devotees, far and near.

Leucoderma and asthma are cured by the use of abhishekam water. Modern physicians say that milliards of bacteria are stored in the idol and anything taken out of the touch of the idol by abhishekams also infected with the bacteria which grow in geometrical progression.

This is the reason for the preservative quality of the articles offered during abhishekam. Prasadam filled with bacteria when consumed internally cures several human diseases.

No individual is unaffected by the mystery, the beatitude and the abiding compassion of the deity.