Palani Murugan
Shanmuga Nadi Sangamam
Pilgrims bath at Shanmuga Nadi Sangamam, above and below
Shanmuga Nadi Sangamam

Shanmuga Nadi group of temples

The bathing ghats on this river are at a distance of three kilometres from Palani town and can be reached from Adivaram by town buses 3, 4, 9 and 14. During the eclipses and on the days of the waning moon (new moon or āmāvasya), thousands flock here to have their sins absolved in the purifying waters. Kavadi bearers have a bath here before marching to the temple.

Shanmuga Nadi ghat is also a place for oblations to the dead; the devout perform post-mortem rites to deceased ancestors. There are many shrines on the banks of the river near the bathing ghat and elsewhere.

Periya Avudayar Kovil Of all these temples, that of Peru-Udayar (called Periya Avudayar Kovil) is by far the most important and deserves special mention. Located near the railway line on the banks of the Shanmuga Nadi in sylvan setting, it is about four kilometres from the bus-stand reached by two stages, by buses going on the Old Dharapuram road for three kilometres and by walking one kilometre from the arch on that road. It is convenient to go by a taxi or auto rickshaw and alight at the doors of the temple.

In the evening and in the pre-dawn period, sounds of birds are heard and if you have a tape-recorder, you cannot afford to miss recording these. The air here is unpolluted and good breeze can be had. The Devasthānam has put up a Kalyana Mandapam behind the temple.

The temple is dedicated to Peru Udayar or Brihadeesvarar a name that became a legend in the days of the great Raja Raja Cholo. The deity here is a swayambhu linga (i.e. naturally formed lingam) and so, local belief is that it existed even before Bhogar. Only male gods are found in the temple. A majestic figure of Dakshinamūrti, a rare Rudran and other gracious images in stone, as also the 16 old inscriptions should be taken note of.