Palani Murugan
Saravanap Poigai
Entrance to Saravanap Poigai

Saravanap Poigai

Saravanap Poigai is the name of a pool in the Himālayas, from whose waters the divine child, Muruga, is believed to have emerged. Hence the name Saravana Bhava.

Saravanap Poigai pools in Muruga shrines are sources of redemption. Accumulated sins are thought to be destroyed by a dip here. As fire consumes fuel, so too this sacred pool consumes the sins of the wicked.

The Saravana Poikai at Tiru Avinankudi has drawn uncounted millions to its banks. It has a hoary tradition and a bath or at least a symbolic use of its waters over your head is a prerequisite for entering the sanctum sanctorum. Bath taps are provided at separate enclosures for men and women.