Palani Murugan

The Golden Chariot (Thanga Thēr)

Thanga Ther or Golden Chariot
The Golden Chariot (Thanga Thēr)

The Lord—the festival deity called Cinnakumārar, a graceful figure in bronze—is placed riding on a golden peacock mount whose feathers are spread out beautifully. The mount is then fixed to the golden car and the car taken round the prakāram on top of the hill in a ceremonious procession on all Kārttikai days and six other festival days in a year. On payment a devotee can have the golden car drawn round the temple on any evening of his choice, along with nadasvaram, Tiruppugazh music, other temple paraphernalia, etc.

The illuminated Golden Car is a veritable fairyland. There is a heavy demand for such service to fulfill vows of thanksgiving for recovery from physical affliction or success in important undertakings. At the conclusion of the procession, the donor is honoured with Parivattam. The procession makes brief stops at each of the nine bali-peetams (altars for religious offerings.)

The Lord, being a recluse, wants nothing for Himself. His own name is āndi or the penniless. He is very liberal in generously acceding to the requests of devotees who have unflinching, unfailing, unqualified and unquestioned faith in Him, without mental reservations. He grants all boons and extends His grace to them. He lavishly gives His resources to other temples as well.

Procedure: fees, etc.
The fee for taking the deity in procession on the Golden Chariot on the Hill Temple is Rs. 1,500/-. In Karttikai days the fee for the Golden Chariot procession is Rs. 2,000/- only. The amount in cash be remitted in person at the Hill Temple on the specified day before 4.30 p.m. and a receipt obtained. There will not be procession of the Gold Chariot on Thaipoosam, Panguni Uthiram, ten days during Dasara festival, Soora Samharam and Deepa Karttikai, etc.

Those who wish to book the date of procession in advance are requested to send or remit the fee in the Tirukkovil Office Adivaram to the Executive Officer, Arulmigu Dandayudhapani Swami Tirukkovil, Palani and also remit in the Hill Temple.