Palani Murugan

Panchamirtham of Palani Devasthanam

India is the gourmet's delight. Her culinary art developed in the temple kitchen, where expert chefs prepare a diverse spectrum of foods, associated with Gods and noted for their nutritive value. Taste some of them and you'll never be quite the same again.

Palani Panchāmirtam is the oldest form of jam or fruit mix and preserves very well, even for months. And the saying is that ‘the olden it is, it tastes better'. The secret lies as much in the art of preparing it as in the quality of the fruit that is used as the basic ingredient. It is the small sized viruppāchchi plantains which account for it, the reason being that they have very little water content. Incidentally, Viruppāchchi is the name of a village (in the Palani Hills) where this particular variety of plantain is grown and marketed.

Crushed plantains apart, Panchāmirtam consists of kandasari sugar from Kangeyam area, dates, kismis, sugar candy (kalkandu), cardamom and ghee in proper proportions:
  1. Plantains 100 numbers
  2. Kandasani sugar 10 kgs
  3. Dates 1 kg
  4. Sugar candy 500 giris
  5. Kismis (raisins) 500 giris
  6. Ghee 250 giris
  7. Cardamom 25 giris
Panchamirtham of Palani Devasthanam
Panchamirtham of Palani

The plantain is crushed fully. Sugar is then mixed with it. Seedless dates, sugar candy and kismis are added in the third stage. The last items to go into the preparation are cardamom and ghee.

Panchāmirtam, collected after abhishekam, is not only a delicious and nourishing food; but also has astonishing properties which keep it in conditions suitable for consumption over a long period, without refrigeration. You are advised to buy all your requirements from the Devasthānam and to transfer the contents to your own containers for proper preservation. Interested persons may visit the Panchāmirtam making kitchen in the Devasthānam's choultry. The Devasthānam has now made arrangements to manufacture Panchamirtam by using electric utensils.