Palani Murugan
Palaniandavar Arts College for Women
Arulmigu Palaniandavar Arts College for Women
Ladies' College Principal Dr. Mrs. Jeyabalan
Ladies' College Principal Dr. Mrs. Jeyabalan
Dance performance at 21.03.2002 Murugan Conference
Principal Dr. Mrs. Jeyabalan felicitating observers at 21.03.2002 Murugan Research Conference hosted by the College

Arulmigu Palaniandavar
Arts College for Women

Courses of Study

Under Graduate Courses
B.A. I History (General Economics + Modern Government)
B.B.E. IV Business Economics (Principles of Accountancy & Mathematical methods + Economics Statistics and Accountancy)
B.A. XII Tamil Literature (Journalism)
B.A. XII English Literature (Modem English Grammar and Usage Introduction to English Literature and Criticism)
B.Sc. I Mathematics (Physics + Application of Mathematics)
B.Sc. III Physics (Mathematics + Chemistry)
B.Sc. IV Chemistry (Mathematics + Physics
B.Sc. V Botany (Chemistry + Zoology)
B.Sc. VI Zoology (Botany + Chemistry)
B.Com.   B.Com., degree course
B.Com.   B.Com., Vocational (Computer application)
Post Graduate Courses
M.A. I History
M.A. VII B Tamil Literature
M.Sc. VI Zoology

Courses offered under Self-Finance Scheme:

  • M.Com.
  • P.G.D.C.A.
  • P.G. Diploma in E-Commerce
  • B.Sc. (Computer Science)
  • B.Com. CA.
  • D.E.O. (Data Entry Operator)
  • D.C.A(Diploma in Computer Application)
  • D.T.P.(Desk Top Publishing)
  • DACHDiploma in Advanced Computer Software)
  • DCHM Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance)

Rules and Regulations of the College

  1. All the students shall abide by the rules and regulations laid down for their discipline and development.
  2. Silence needs to be observed during college and study hours.
  3. Students should be regular in attendance. No student shall absent herself from the classes without applying for leave through the HoD except in case of illness or other unforeseen causes. All applications for leave must be made one week in advance. When they apply for the leave the letter should be duly attested by their parents or guardian through counselors.
  4. Discrepancies in attendance entries, if any, should be reported by the students to the Principal through the HoD within the seven days after the absentees list is put up on the notice board.
  5. No re-examination is conducted for the students who are absent during class tests and terminal examination.
  6. Students are expected to participate in assembly prayers and in all activities and functions of the college and observe order at all times.
  7. Students are requested to help in keeping the classrooms and premises neat and tidy.
  8. Students should read the notice board carefully every day in the morning when they come and in the evenings when they leave.
  9. Visitors are not allowed during the working hours of college.
  10. No meeting can be arranged without the previous permission of the Principal. Likewise no expenditure can be incurred without the previous sanction of the Principal.

Scholarships and Fee Concessions

  1. Free tuition fees for students whose parents annual in come is less than 12,000
  2. Free education at undergraduate level for the most backward class students
  3. All concessions for M B C Students as given to SC students
  4. Ex-servicemen scholarship
  5. Free education for students if none of their family members is a graduate (i.e. parents, brothers or sisters)
  6. Government of India Scholarship
  7. Harijan Welfare Department Scholarship
  8. National loan Scholarship
  9. Scholarship to economically and otherwise backward classes
  10. Kallar Reclamation Scholarship
  11. Award of merit scholarship for post-matric studies to the children of primary and secondary school teacher
  12. Government of India Scholarship to the children of political sufferers
  13. Government of India Scholarship to the physically handicapped students awarded by the Department of Social Welfare
  14. Fee concessions under Rule 92 M.E.R.

For more information contact:

Arulmigu Palaniandavar Arts College for Women
Palani - 624 615 India
Telephone +91 (4545) - 42428